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TNT Express Parcel Tracker of the Malaysia & World

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TNT Tracking. PosLaju parcel tracker of the Malaysia & World. Enter TNT Tracking number to track your packages and get delivery status online. Use Track & Trace form on the left. Enter tracking number and press the 'Track It' button. It's as simple. creates just a link automatically for requested information with form restructuring. While creating the link and also guiding the user who wants to reach the consignment follow up services to main site.

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Cargo tracking is accomplished by means www.aftership.com or achieved by redirecting your inputs to related companies tracking service query addresses. Your private information such as your tracking numbers, cookies, session information are not logged in our site.

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Statuses 942344817924653056VoteArjay: @Ultimateqestion @TAFEeducation should non #AustraliaPost delivery services be shut down just because many people p… https://t.co/bkXq2ofPvP
2017-12-17 18:44:47 MYT.
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Statuses 942344817924653056

Statuses 942140997382918146ElenaSGalan: @AmazonHelp @AmazonUK I returned an item that was delivered by TNT on 6 th dec and today you have charge me 325 GBP… https://t.co/47rUiespZZ
2017-12-17 05:14:52 MYT.
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Statuses 942140997382918146

Statuses 942028952662675456markb139: Another delivery fail, thanks TNT. Paid for Sat morning delivery too
2017-12-16 21:49:39 MYT.
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Statuses 942028952662675456

Statuses 941957565268811776hiveoccupier: @Jim_Cornelius @Lilyladles @DeeJayEsse @samiruperera @MurdacrSheWrote @SamWise24 @Nigel_Farage @RemaininEU I guess… https://t.co/Xf1C3cySBy
2017-12-16 17:05:58 MYT.
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Statuses 941957565268811776

Statuses 941684319084597248EcoffinsUK: Below are the delivery timescales for coffin orders over Xmas - please note these are TNT's dates which we cannot c… https://t.co/zOC7HCK7sS
2017-12-15 23:00:11 MYT.
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Statuses 941684319084597248

Statuses 941659397213884416supergirlsu: RT @KeithBrown37: Post office: Delivery on time Parcel force: Delivery on time TNT: Delivery on time Yodel: “we can’t deliver today due to…
2017-12-15 21:21:10 MYT.
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Statuses 941659397213884416

Statuses 941650070780424192YODELhell: RT @KeithBrown37: Post office: Delivery on time Parcel force: Delivery on time TNT: Delivery on time Yodel: “we can’t deliver today due to…
2017-12-15 20:44:06 MYT.
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Statuses 941650070780424192

Statuses 941643251144151040KeithBrown37: Post office: Delivery on time Parcel force: Delivery on time TNT: Delivery on time Yodel: “we can’t deliver today d… https://t.co/L7jU8XwFqq
2017-12-15 20:17:00 MYT.
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Statuses 941643251144151040

Statuses 941620827182780417wan4658: @DirectBlinds They have been left at our other side gate but we didn’t know they were there as TNT did not post a delivery note.
2017-12-15 18:47:54 MYT.
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Statuses 941620827182780417

Statuses 941600183405633539carlie4124: @TNTMediaHub Spent the whole day home cause TNT says it’s on board with driver, have no missed my work Christmas pa… https://t.co/cdoNzSIThR
2017-12-15 17:25:52 MYT.
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Statuses 941600183405633539

Statuses 941576521860476928yomez06: RT @RedstarPlc: That's right...We're also an associate of TNT here in Nigeria...#Fact #FunFact #Thursday #Logistics #Delivery #Deliver #TNT…
2017-12-15 15:51:51 MYT.
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Statuses 941576521860476928

Statuses 941566898109603841AllvalvesOnline: Big shout out to our team having stayed until 8pm to build and test an urgent order that had to ship last night. Al… https://t.co/lI5oNwlPmx
2017-12-15 15:13:36 MYT.
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Statuses 941566898109603841

Statuses 941539591466631169RottyTom: @FedEx Folks, I am expecting a package from Rome; initially they use TNT delivery or transit business to move packa… https://t.co/gc1afK1cE0
2017-12-15 13:25:06 MYT.
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Statuses 941539591466631169

Statuses 941473615534575616sofillmeup: @zeronotaku Same prob with TNT in the south of France where my bf's parents live. Other companies easily Come but… https://t.co/TMKH7k5J01
2017-12-15 09:02:56 MYT.
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Statuses 941473615534575616

Statuses 941310883296432130enomaojo: RT @RedstarPlc: That's right...We're also an associate of TNT here in Nigeria...#Fact #FunFact #Thursday #Logistics #Delivery #Deliver #TNT…
2017-12-14 22:16:17 MYT.
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Statuses 941310883296432130

Statuses 941310522703654918UnwanaSF: RT @RedstarPlc: That's right...We're also an associate of TNT here in Nigeria...#Fact #FunFact #Thursday #Logistics #Delivery #Deliver #TNT…
2017-12-14 22:14:51 MYT.
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Statuses 941310522703654918

Statuses 941310521600593920SoccerChattabox: RT @RedstarPlc: That's right...We're also an associate of TNT here in Nigeria...#Fact #FunFact #Thursday #Logistics #Delivery #Deliver #TNT…
2017-12-14 22:14:51 MYT.
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Statuses 941310521600593920

Statuses 941310475790356480RedstarPlc: That's right...We're also an associate of TNT here in Nigeria...#Fact #FunFact #Thursday #Logistics #Delivery… https://t.co/SP0WBEh5cy
2017-12-14 22:14:40 MYT.
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Statuses 941310475790356480

Statuses 941310429921464320EmmaFisher17: Well done @UPS, @UKMail and @TNT for making our deliveries today. @DHL thanks for the email saying delivery is dela… https://t.co/fcgCgNsEIm
2017-12-14 22:14:29 MYT.
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Statuses 941310429921464320

Statuses 941277361336500224ABNewswire: Global Express Delivery Market Share Analysis Report 2022 – UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, USPS, KY Express and SF Express… https://t.co/3s8lw7yHiW
2017-12-14 20:03:05 MYT.
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Statuses 941277361336500224

Statuses 941212217596399616RealGayan: @erangatennakoon Local pronto is better. TNT is gone company bcoz Fedex company brought TNT all over the world. If… https://t.co/h3DjOMFTMx
2017-12-14 15:44:14 MYT.
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Statuses 941212217596399616

Statuses 940929631020113926TheOfficialSBI: @TNT__For_Brain Delivery of OTP may get affected due to mobile network related issues. However, you may register a… https://t.co/ETE97dFjkn
2017-12-13 21:01:20 MYT.
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Statuses 940929631020113926

Statuses 940919871231152130Lostinspace1983: @MDM_EN Thanks, I have absolutely no idea what is happening still, I have a text from TNT saying a delivery will be… https://t.co/AdwFjwh4kA
2017-12-13 20:22:33 MYT.
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Statuses 940919871231152130

Statuses 940723930863677440Lostinspace1983: @MDM_EN Your TNT UK delivery service is simply appalling! I have sat at home all day waiting for a delivery that T… https://t.co/5egIMdoA3c
2017-12-13 07:23:57 MYT.
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Statuses 940723930863677440

Statuses 940666066132459521nobby_nay: Waited in ALL fucking day for a delivery, tracked it and then tnt say “customer wasn’t home” the cheeky cunts!!!!!!!
2017-12-13 03:34:01 MYT.
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Statuses 940666066132459521

Statuses 940608612459827201CyZulu: Earlier, round lunch time.. A TNT and DPD delivery guys were fighting.. Funniest shit.. Road white guys doing the m… https://t.co/HM0wn36bF9
2017-12-12 23:45:43 MYT.
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Statuses 940608612459827201

Statuses 940554448862109697RichMidgley: @jonocard @i_nesbot Postman Pat has resources International Rescue would be jealous of yet still manages to fuck up… https://t.co/HkRvyTha8h
2017-12-12 20:10:29 MYT.
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Statuses 940554448862109697

Statuses 940551843779923969EcoffinsUK: We are based in Kent but ship anywhere in the UK via TNT. Order by 2.30pm & next day delivery is available (certain locations excluded)
2017-12-12 20:00:08 MYT.
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Statuses 940551843779923969

Statuses 940530759038849024Only1_TNT: RT @krustykrabft: Keep slaying that halal lifestyle with this halal snack pack at 12.000. Passby the truck or delivery 0706111110 https://t…
2017-12-12 18:36:21 MYT.
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Statuses 940530759038849024

Statuses 940529231787974656Tunde_TNT: RT @Zic_official: I do Digital paintings and Canvas including delivery Nationwide. If you need one DM me let’s talk . Pls kindly RT for Awa…
2017-12-12 18:30:17 MYT.
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Statuses 940529231787974656

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